• Nikolaienko Tymofii

    Ph.D., assistant professor of molecular physics lab. 216

    Main courses:

    Quantum mechanical methods of physical properties of molecules ( “KMMDFVM”) 2nd course Master, 2nd semester;

    Phase transitions in quantum systems 2nd course Master, 1st semester;

    Fundamentals of spectroscopy of biopolymers 4th year, 2nd semester;

    Basics of quantum biochemistry, 2nd course Master, 1st semester;

    Research interests:

    Physics of biomolecules, in particular – conformational analysis, noncovalent interactions (hydrogen bonds “bandages, etc.) hnuchkst biomolecules;

    automation of scientific research;

    Quantum-mechanical calculations from first principles (ab initio calculations, mainly DFT).

    Please, visit http://timn.ho.ua/sci